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The Value of Irrigation

The value of irrigation to the Bundaberg region was realised in the 1960’s when industry lobbied State and Federal Governments for an irrigation scheme to drought proof the region. The Bundaberg surface water irrigation scheme commenced in the 1970’s and the immediate effect was a progressive increase in the area of land under production. This has supported the economy of the region for many decades.

The Bundaberg Irrigation Area supplies irrigation water to 55,000 hectares of farmlands surrounding Bundaberg, Childers and Gin Gin as well as assured supplies for the City of Bundaberg and communities in the Bundaberg Regional Council area.

The use of irrigation supplies ensures the Bundaberg area remains a significant contributor to Queensland’s overall production of sugarcane, fruit and vegetables supplying markets throughout Australia and overseas.

The scheme is unique in Queensland in that it is the only large-scale irrigation area that was designed to serve existing farming enterprises. Over 600 kilometres of channel and pipeline traverse the landscape distributing supplies to over 1,000 properties connected to the surface water scheme.

In the Bundaberg region the sugar industry supports local growers and their families as well as directly employing farm labour, trade qualified workers in mills and plant operators during harvest, etc.  Indirect employment in retail outlets supplying farm input supplies, groceries, cars, clothes and so on to sugar industry employees and stakeholders also utilises the local workforce.

In the Bundaberg area the long term future of agriculture and ultimately the diversified work force that depends on this industry will be determined by the viability of on farm irrigation. Irrigation is essential in Bundaberg and without viable irrigation the local industry will decline.