Irrigators perform the vital role of producing food and fibre for the nation as well as producing significant export income.

Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group Ltd (BRIG) has been established  to represent irrigators within the Bundaberg district across a range of commodity groups including sugarcane, grain and horticulture. 

Our Commitment

  • To ensure a fair and reasonable system exists for the charging of use and access to water for irrigation purposes;
  • To support and encourage self-management of the Bundaberg Irrigation scheme/s;
  • Develop projects and policy to ensure the efficiency, viability and sustainability of irrigators in the Bundaberg Region.

Our Experience

The Board and management of BRIG are all stakeholders and irrigators and have the resources, responsibility, maturity, infrastructure, ability and desire to deal with all issues that have impact upon us as irrigators in the Bundaberg Irrigation Area. Because we use the infrastructure and have done so since the inception of the scheme, we have a much better understanding of the system and how it operates than others do.


Media Release

Friday, 24 December 2021


Following SunWater’s advice that announced irrigation allocations would increase to 100 % on both sides of the Bundaberg Scheme in mid November we asked Premier Palaszczuk to progress with a decision before Christmas to reinstate the dam to its full nominal allocation capacity and make the best ever Christmas for our irrigators.

That announcement has been made on Christmas Eve and is welcomed by BRIG and all of our members.
We understand that it will take some time for the dam wall to be reinstated and we look forward to working with the Government and SunWater on this project.

In the interim the Queensland Government must continue to safeguard existing water entitlements, and the reliability of those entitlements. Market based mechanisms need to be used to manage all environmental externalities that are associated with water usage.

We call on the Queensland Government to take the following actions to better manage water resources and mitigate the impacts of Paradise Dam remediation works on the productivity and profitability of primary producers:

  • Ensure the consistency for existing nominal allocation holders, including reliability.
  • Protect and retain nominal allocations within the Bundaberg Irrigation Area.
  • Deliver alternative water infrastructure including, but not limited to, weirs and irrigation pipelines to
    facilitate future growth and ensure water security for the future.
  • Identify water constrained areas that require water security outcomes and develop solutions to meet those outcomes, (thus contributing to the development and economic growth of the region).
  • Remedy the impediments (reliability, infrastructure) affecting the long-term water utilisation of this region particularly with regards to capacity of the various parts of the distribution system (facilitating development and economic growth).
  • Identify and remove impediments to the efficient and effective operation of the local water market.

Dale Holliss