Irrigators perform the vital role of producing food and fibre for the nation as well as producing significant export income.

Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group Ltd (BRIG) has been established  to represent irrigators within the Bundaberg district across a range of commodity groups including sugarcane, grain and horticulture. 

Our Commitment

  • To ensure a fair and reasonable system exists for the charging of use and access to water for irrigation purposes;
  • To support and encourage self-management of the Bundaberg Irrigation scheme/s;
  • Develop projects and policy to ensure the efficiency, viability and sustainability of irrigators in the Bundaberg Region.

Our Experience

The Board and management of BRIG are all stakeholders and irrigators and have the resources, responsibility, maturity, infrastructure, ability and desire to deal with all issues that have impact upon us as irrigators in the Bundaberg Irrigation Area. Because we use the infrastructure and have done so since the inception of the scheme, we have a much better understanding of the system and how it operates than others do.