Irrigators perform the vital role of producing food and fibre for the nation as well as producing significant export income.

Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group Ltd (BRIG) has been established  to represent irrigators within the Bundaberg district across a range of commodity groups including sugarcane, grain and horticulture. 

Our Commitment

  • To ensure a fair and reasonable system exists for the charging of use and access to water for irrigation purposes;
  • To support and encourage self-management of the Bundaberg Irrigation scheme/s;
  • Develop projects and policy to ensure the efficiency, viability and sustainability of irrigators in the Bundaberg Region.

Our Experience

The Board and management of BRIG are all stakeholders and irrigators and have the resources, responsibility, maturity, infrastructure, ability and desire to deal with all issues that have impact upon us as irrigators in the Bundaberg Irrigation Area. Because we use the infrastructure and have done so since the inception of the scheme, we have a much better understanding of the system and how it operates than others do.



Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group spokesperson Dale Holliss said that his members were elated with the recent announcement by SunWater that both sides of the Bundaberg Irrigation area had their announced allocations increased to 100 % for medium priority water.
Given that the capacity of the dam has been significantly reduced the only reason that our irrigators can go to 100% is because SunWater has quarantined all of their unsold medium and high priority water from the allocation process.
For some it opens up a suite of choices on what to plant.
Up until now many were hesitating on whether to plant soyabeans and risk not having irrigation water if it was needed in December /January, for others it helps with scheduling and will help cane farmers take advantage of the current high prices.
Mr Holliss commended SunWater particularly the Bundaberg based team for their professional handling of the Paradise lowering and how they have communicated all of the difficult decisions that were made to all irrigators in the scheme with clarity and transparency.
“It is a fantastic start to the festive season” he said.
Hopefully Premier Palaszczuk will progress with a decision before Christmas to reinstate the dam to its full nominal allocation capacity and make the best ever Christmas for our irrigators.